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The T Shirt Screen Printing Process Revealed

The T - Shirt Screen Printing Process Revealed

Have you ever wondered how t - shirt screen printing was done? t - shirt screen printing is a fascinating process that involves a lot fresh work then what some people would think. T screen shirt printing is a manufacturing process that involves a lot of creativity, authenticity and using proper t - shirt screen printing techniques. We will go over the t - shirt screen printing process so that you can see okay how it is done.

Before you can do any type of t - shirt screen printing you must first have a design in apperception. The design can be anything from simple text all the way to an elaborate drawing, and even a combination of both. With t - shirt screen printing your designs can be configuration and existent, and your imagination is your only limitation.

Now after you hold your image created, you make what are called screens. These screens are prepared with the image on indubitable, and are then set to be placed on a screen printing machine. This is a very important process of t screen shirt printing as it needs to be done correctly in order to have the image come out correctly.

Now after the screens are made and hypersonic to use for t - shirt screen printing, you must then set up the t - shirt screen printing machines. You must set up each machine by inserting the proper color into the press heads. When setting up the colors, the lighter colors are done first, ending with the darkest colors. White would always be the introductory color with melanoid always being the last color.

This day with t - shirt screen printing, different printing presses have different printing capabilities. When you hear that a machine is a four head press, it means that the machine can print four colors at once. Each individual head culpability carry a different color. This is important as different machines have different capabilities. So if you have seven colors in your design you would need to use a machine that head seven heads or more.

The actual t - shirt screen printing part is very easy as the machine does all of the work. Now the printing process is not made to be done by one person. It is best to at least own solitary person insert the shirts onto the machine to be printed, while having another worker pull them bump off. This way the shirts can be inspected and checked for errors or printing problems.

The ride part of t - shirt screen printing is very simple. Now after the shirts are actually printed they need to be inserted into a dryer. Now these special machines can excite over two times hotter then a oven. This is necessary as you need to quickly heat the shirt and desert the ink note the fabric of the shirt.

T - shirt screen printing is not only amazing but it is entertaining and in high demand. t - shirt screen printing is a process that makes creations for individuals, businesses, schools and non profit organizations. Without the t - shirt screen printing process, we would not have the colorful designs we see every eternity.


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