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Printing Your Own Design On A Tee Shirt

Printing Your Own Design on a Tee Shirt

Do you ever wonder how they came up with that design on a tee shirt you like? Are you always telling yourself you will undertaking something like that? If so, then you have found the right article!

Printing your own design on a T shirt can be challenging as well as fun. It may not come very easy at first but remember, practice makes perfect. So you buy a shirt with a really neat design. You look at it and wonder how in the world they did it. Possibly they used a design program. Or maybe they have an experienced graphic artist exposure it.

Whatever the case may be, do not be fooled that you could not do it. Printing your own design on a T shirt would be a great way to learn how they made your own favorite shirt.

There are many ways to go about this. It is not recommend that you jump right into it if you are not quick at catching on to new things. Anyone can finish it but for some irrefutable might holding longer or be more challenging. There is a designful process to printing your own design on a tee shirt. Make sure it is something you believe you can do and want to do.

See to your research to find out the best ways of starting and doing it. You want to be sure you have the basic equipment:

A computer
Inkjet printer
Good quality transfer paper
Shirt ( s )
Iron or Pyre Press

You may have a program on your computer that will let you do art work. If not, you could easily purchase some software. Depending on what you want to do, check out the software that will fill your needs.

If you are not computer savvy, maybe you have a friend that is. Ask them to help you. You could both read something new and fun!

Many programs appear with lots of tools, numerous fonts, clipart and images. As well as the many tools to create your own design to print onto a tee shirt. You could create an unlimited amount of designs. When you pick the design to print you want to be direct your software or tenor lets you 'mirror' the image. This system it is not backwards on your tee shirt. Once you apply the mirror setting, you are ready to print. Next, make sure the paper is risky correctly.

After you print your own design you're ready to transfer to the tee shirt. You want to have a hot iron ready with no steam or moisture. This will interfere with the texture of the design.

Depending on what quality of paper you chose, you will have to check the amount of time to leave the iron. The material of your tee shirt could have an affect. When you release the iron you have your own tee shirt and design that you printed. You hunger to be absolute of washing instructions for your tee shirt. You want to always grain your shirt inside out. This will keep the design from wearing and fading parlous hastily. Depending on your shirt material you will want a certain machine temperature as well.

Printing your own design on a T shirt was fun right? Just think of the money you could save printing your own tee shirts. They could be yours only with your unique designs. Think of the possibilities!


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